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Viburnum Golf and Country Club Membership

Whether you have been golfing your entire life, or have just begun to appreciate the game, Viburnum Golf and Country Club offers a membership option that suits you. Our challenging course and friendly staff ensures our members will enjoy bringing guests out for a drink, as well as perfecting their game.

We encourage you to request a tour of our facility, and welcome any questions you may have. For additional information about pricing and our application process, please fill out this form or call us at 573.244.5688. We look forward to hearing from you.

Viburnum Golf and Country Club Membership Summary

Full Membership - $325 annual dues. Includes unlimited golf, tennis, workout room and discounted pool fees. Pool fees for members are $1 per person per day. The annual dues are for an individual or family. All members will be provided a membership card.

Cart Storage - $175 annual fee includes storage year round with electric provided. The fee includes discounted gas for the purpose of golf cart use. A $10 fill up will be charged for fueling a golf cart.

Pool Pass - $100 annual dues. Includes unlimited pool use for individuals or family. A $1 per person per day fee is also required. A pool pass membership card  will be issued for each member. Non-member pool fees for 2013 will be $3.00 per person per day. A family of 4 using the pool more than 9 times in a season would save money with a family pool pass.

Workout Room - $75.00 annual dues. Includes unlimited use of the workout room for individuals and families. A Workout Room Membership Card will be issued to each member along with entry code.

Doe Run Limited Membership - Doe Run employees are considered full members with all privileges based on The Doe Run Company Corporate Membership. Members will be provided with special membership cards. The pool user fee will be $1 for employees only. Doe Run Employee Family members who desire to use the pool should consider a Pool Pass for best value. Otherwise the $3 per person per day pool fee applies. Doe Run Contractors are not considered employees and membership is not extended as such.

Disabled Citizens Alliance Membership - DCAI employees are considered full members with all privileges based on the DCAI Corporate Membership. Members will be provided membership cards. The pool user fee for employees and household members who reside with the employee will be $1 per person per day.

Pool User Fees - All members who have pool privileges pay $1 per person per day user fee. All non-members pay a $3.00 per person per day user fee.

Corporate Membership

Platinum Plus Membership - $5000

Platinum Membership - $2000

Gold Membership - $1500

Silver Membership - $1000

Bronze Membership - $500

All corporate members will be issued membership cards. Designated members must be employees of the corporate company. Golf cart rental use and golf cart spaces are not provided as a condition of membership.